Wexler Jacob

Jacob Wexler was born in Libbau, Latvia, 1912.
He Iived in Hamburg, where he was educated and received his training in art, until 1935 then immigrated to Israel.
For a time he lived in a kibbutz and thereafter in Haifa.

Teaching: 1966-84 Was head of Avni Institute, Tel Aviv.
1953 Participated in Biennale, San Paulo and 1960 Graphics Biennale, Tokio.

The New Horizons Movement was founded in 1948 as a first attempt to reach the abstract. 
Wexler was one of the founding members, who rejected the conservative demand for content, structure and form.
Wexler’s style is known for his linear and texture rich design. In his first years Wexler was influenced by the German Expressionism but already in 1959 he adopted a pictorial quality that was almost abstract. 
Wechsler has shown an interest in the various trends and techniques of modern art, like expressionistic abstract, kinetics and forms in movement. But has always returned to his own figurative in black, red and grayish painting which strongly expresses his personality. 

His works have been shown in many museums and galleries in Israel and he has been awarded the Dizengoff Prize, the Jewish Agency Prize, the Jerusalem Prize, and the Haifa-Struck Prize

Wexler died in 1995.

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