Tepler Samuel

Samuel Tepler was born in Poland in 1918, in a traditional Jewish family. 
During the Second World War he was sent with other refugees to Uzbekistan, later to a district near Siberia.
After the war, he traveled to Italy where he studied at the Brera Academy in Milan, under famous masters such as Georgio Morandi, Carlo Carra, and Marino Marini.

Tepler immigrated to Israel in 1949. 

Samuel Tepler passed away on December 7, 1998, leaving behind a legacy of one of the greatest Jewish artists in history and a vast collection of original oils and limited edition serigraphs. 

Upon his death, intense demand by high-end art collector for Tepler paintings has created a ‘black market’ for his art, with dozens of reported cases of fraudulent Tepler autographs appearing in Europe and the United States. 
Tepler’s works, which sold in Europe and North America in the range of $10,000-$100,000, are now selling for higher prices.

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