Simon Yohanan

Yohanan Simon was born 1905 in Berlin. Studied in the studio of Max Backman. In the late 20’s he joined a circle of young painters around Andre Derain in Paris. In 1936, he immigrated to Israel. Prizes: 1945-46, 1953, 1961 Dizengoff Prize; 1951 Congress of Jewish Culture, New York; 1956 Israel Olympic Committee; 1958 Ramat Gan Prize; 1960 Histadrut Prize. Biennales: 1948 and 1958 Venice; 1953 Sao Paulo. Simon was a vagabond artist. all his adult life he traveled extensively both in south and North America and Europe. No doubt that the scenery changes were a great influence on Simon’s work; his early work usually describing the Kibbutz’ (Gan Shmuel) life and people. In his late work, after he visited South America, Yohanan Simon freed himself from the social realism and became more abstract and colorful. His work was influenced by the Fauvism of Lager, Derain and Diego Rivera. Simon executed a number of murals for Israeli ships, public buildings and hotels, including Bank of Israel offices in New York and hotel on the Ivory Coast. Also illustrated books and designed stage-sets. He died in Israel, 1976.

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