Reizman Ori

Ori Reisman was born in January 25th 1924, Tel Yoseph, Israel. When he was four he moved with his parents to Tel Aviv and later on to Paris for a couple of years.

Studies: Studio of Yitzhak Fraenkel; 1951-53 Beaux Arts, Paris; With Jean Souberbie, Italy.

Reisman was amember in “Aklim” Group (founded 1974). 

Prizes: 1953 First Prize, Concours Lefranc, Beaux Arts, Paris; 1989 Nachum Gutman Prize for Painting and Sculpture. 

Reisman was a figurative painter and a gifted colorist.

January 25th, 1991 He died in Kibbutz Cabri.

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