Mairovich Zvi

Zvi Mairovich was born in 1911 in Korosno, Poland (Galicia). 
At the age of 18 he was sent to Berlin to study to become a Rabbi, but at the same time he also studied painting with Karl Hofer at the Berlin Kunstschule.
Mairovich left Berlin in haste, after having been arrested in the street by the German police and came to Israel in 1934, where he settled in Haifa.

In 1948, Mairovich was one of the founders of the ‘New Horizons’ group.

Mairovich’s abstracts burst with colour and drama, but it seems he takes no interest in the “abstract”. Mairovich does not engage in “dismantling” the object, nor in generalization, nor form; rather, in constructing a different “nature”, a vibrant event of forces and counter-forces, natural elements erupting from the depths and heights, clashing or meeting.

He was the recipient of the Dizengoff Prize (1942,1951,1961), the Struck Prize (1957), the Schiff Award (1969) and the Milo Prize (1972).

Zvi Mairovich died in 1974.

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