Klapisch Liliane

Liliane Klapisch was born 1933 in Cachan near Paris, and began painting at the age of 16. 
Among her teachers and first encouragers were Leon Zack and Roger Chastel, at the Ranson Academy in Montparnasse. 

In 1950 she began painting in abstract style, initiating a creative period that lasted for 15 years. 

After some years of transition, there occurred a sharp shift in her work, and from 1967 she began painting “from nature”. 

In 1969 she immigrated to Israel and has been living in Jerusalem since then. 

In 1969 the Israel Museum held an exhibition of her “post-abstract” paintings. 

Liliane Klapisch has had one-man shows and participated in group shows in Paris, Tel Aviv, Geneva, Jerusalem and New York.

In 1976 the Tel Aviv Museum held a comprehensive exhibition of her works from 1967 to 1976, and in 1977 the Israel Museum showed her paintings and drawings of 1974-1977.

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