Giladi Aharon

Aharon Giladi(Golodetz),was born in 1907, Russia and immigrated to Israel in 1929.

During the years 1923-26 he studied in the Art Academy, Leningrad.

A member of Kibbutz Afikim he took part in the first New Horizons exhibition.

His subjects often portrayed kibbutz life, the dining halls and subjects drawn from the kibbutz life.

Giladi evolved into a ‘colorist’ developing his distinct signature style of ‘the family’ a huddled group of figures lacking facial features yet quite expressive with the implementation of strong contours and a play between abstraction and strong geometric forms.

Winner of the 1948 and 1954 Dizengoff prize, 1957 Brazil-Israel, Sao Paolo and the 1960 Histadrut Prize.

Giladi died in 1993.

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