Castel Moshe

Moshe Castel was born in 1909 in Jerusalem. He studied in Betzalel between 1922-25.

Castle lived in Paris from 1927 until 1940. 
There he used the backdrop of the street scenes for his subject matter and exhibited his paintings in the salons of Paris. 

On his return to Israel he became famous for his work using basalt found in the black rock, which is indigenous to several areas of Israel.

Many of his paintings are characterized by his creation of what appears to be an ancient form of writing. These symbols are painted in relief utilizing the black rock material. 
His portraits and street scenes often possess a Spanish influence, probably based on his Castilian Sephardic heritage. The strong reds, greens and blacks are indicative of this phase of his paintings. 

From 1959 the artist spent his time between Paris, New York and Israel.

He is also famous for his large murals, which can be found in many important edifices around the world.

Castle died in 1991.

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